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Erotic labial massage

Erotic massage London
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Labial Massage
 Once you’re here, she should be: 
1.  Sexually excited, her vagina should be pretty wet because of the “teasing” you’ve used during the massage 
2.  Physically and mentally relaxed. 
Labia Massage Again, just like massaging her body, you’re feeling for knots. This time, it’s going to feel like there’s a small piece of rice embedded under her skin. These are tiny tension spots, and you’ll want to massage them out.

Warning! Regular latex condoms will break when combined with oil, so if you’re using massage oil on her genitals, you want to make sure that you’re using Polyurethane Condoms.

Step 1: Massage Your hands should be on either side of her outer labia (outer lips). Your thumbs should be on top of her mons pubis (above her vagina), and your fingers should be pointing downward to the ground.
Gently massage this area like you were massaging someone back of someone’s neck with both hands.
Start with your fingers at either side of her vaginal opening, and work your way towards the top (but make sure you don’t make contact with her inner lips! Only her outer lips).
Tip: Indirect Clitoral Stimulation with the Labial Massage: As you massage her labia with both hands, what you can do is grasp the fatty tissue of her labia in between the index fingers and thumbs, and squeeze this fat together so it “pinches” the clitoris. (Don’t do this too hard! You don’t want to make it painful on her). In the “pinched” position, move your hands down, and then back up, so in essence, you’re stroking her clitoris with her labia.

Step 2: Mons Pubis Use your thumbs or finger tips and gently massage the area(remember to look for any small knots). You’ll feel her pubic bone. Work on top of it, and just above the pubic bone.

Now, the massage is done! This massage process should take you anywhere from 10-20 minutes. There really isn’t a hard and fast rule for the amount of time you need to spend on each step of the massage. It really depends on her level of stress. Basically, you want to make she she’s relaxed, you’ve worked out any knots, and that she’s really turned on. Again, at this point, she’s: 1.  Super aroused 2.  Super relaxed 3.  Ready (and probably begging) you to touch her vagina.

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